Spreading Glitter

I am spreading my glitter to twitter!  Oh and Pinterest!!

Crystal Princess is now tweeting @Jewelry CP….. check it out at Crystal Princess Twitter and Pinning on Pinterest at Crystal Princess Pinterest.

Just need to get the website and store set up!


First Sparkling Steps

Here we go embarking upon imprinting Crystal Princess’ sparkling steps into the world….

Let’s see….I decided to turn my passion into a jewelry business recently and thus began Crystal Princess.  I enlisted my dad, the computer genius to help me develop the website.  I thought I was going to get off easy route by having my dad do it all for me.  Nope! Instead he actually made me do the work myself.  He told me, “I’m not maintaining this!  I will help you decide what packages you need, but that’s it!”.  I was astonished!  lol

While my dad was researching the packages, I started a Facebook page to begin building my online presence.  So I once again enlisted help, this time from my dear friends Steve and Courtney.  They began to help me take pictures of my jewelry…200 plus pieces!!  Steve was the photographer, Courtney was the model at one point but in the end we both began to help Steve with the lighting and transitioning of pieces and dolls.  We were up all night just taking product shoots of earrings.  We weren’t able to take all of them but we did a good job pushing through.  I really appreciate their help!  Love you guys!

Check out the Crystal Princess Facebook Page and check out my favorite picture!

Once my dad finished his research he passed the baton back over to me.  I am now in the process of picking themes, inputting content, etc.  I decided to start with the blog!  Here is it.  Please let me know if you have any comments or ideas on how I can improve!  Next step is setting up the home page of the website and lastly the store!