Courtney’s Crystal Princess Jewelry Party

We had such a great time at the jewelry party!!  If you were able to make it – thank you so much for coming out to support me, I greatly appreciate it!!  If you weren’t able to make it I hope that you can next time and had a great weekend!!  Here are a few pictures of the party.

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More New Designs

Sooooo excited for the Crystal Princess Jewelry Party this Saturday that my friend Courtney is hosting!!  Here are some more designs that I will be unveiling at the party.  Remember that each Crystal Princess design is unique and duplication is extremely limited.  Please contact me at if you are interested in a design that you have seen or custom design.

These earrings are made out of Swarovski Crystals with silver or gun-metal chain.  The price ranges from $20 to $28 for a pair.These flower rings are made out of clay.  I have them in a variety of colors and styles on silver, gun-metal, and a bronze gold-colored ring base.  The rings are $15 each.

These are clay earrings.  I have them in these two colors only.  I only have two pairs of each and they are $8 a pair.

Here are a few more of the pendant charm necklaces that I featured in a blog post about a week or two ago.  The pendants have different fronts and backs to make each one unique.  The price ranges from $32 to $38 a necklace.

This is a gun-metal necklace with a black rose, black Swarovski crystal, and gun mental key charm dangling.  There are Swarovski crystals and pearls twisted up one side of the chain.  I only have two of these available and they are $44 each.

Crystal Princess Jewelry Parties

You’ve heard of Gold Canyon and Lia Sophia parties, right?  Well a Crystal Princess Jewelry Party is the same thing!  You host a party and I help provide some fun by picking out or creating custom Crystal Princess jewelry.  There are discounts based on the amount of the total sales at the party…the more your guests buy the bigger discounts and gifts that you receive.  We’ve already had the first one, which I hosted.  Check it out….