New Party Designs

Here is a little taste of the new jewelry designs that will be featured at the June 23rd Crystal Princess Party. I hope to see some of you there!

This design was inspired by my cousin Belen. Silver hoops with twisted multi-color seed beads. I made them for her in midnight blue.

Also, available in gray multi-color. $12 each.

This is a long chain necklace with ribbon and side charm. There are three in purple available and one in blue. $48 each.

This is the front and the back of a pink heart with angel wing charm necklace. There are two available with this pendant. $32 each.

I also have four other necklaces that are this same style, but with different pendants. Two have an angel wing on one side and say “love” on the other, for $36 each. Two with a small silver heart in the middle and hot pink angel wing on one side and say “love” on the other side for $38 each.

I hope to see you at the party. If not and you are interested in any of these designs email me at

Crystal Princess Jewelry Parties

You’ve heard of Gold Canyon and Lia Sophia parties, right?  Well a Crystal Princess Jewelry Party is the same thing!  You host a party and I help provide some fun by picking out or creating custom Crystal Princess jewelry.  There are discounts based on the amount of the total sales at the party…the more your guests buy the bigger discounts and gifts that you receive.  We’ve already had the first one, which I hosted.  Check it out….