Tamara’s Bridesmaid Jewelry

My friend Tamara was in her sister’s wedding on October 6th.  She asked me to create jewelry to match her purple bridesmaid dress.  She sent me some pictures of her dress and I made suggestions on the type of jewelry that would work best with her dress.  Once we determined the style I designed the jewelry.  Since Tamara lives in Colorado, I took pictures and sent them to make sure that she loved the design.  I am thrilled that she loved it and I hope you do too!

Interested in a Crystal Princess design, please contact Info@Crystal-Princess.com.

Michael’s 32nd Anniversary

Another cute anniversary story and it’s special to me because it was for my parents.  My dad approached me and had already done a lot of research (as usual) and told me pretty much exactly what he wanted.  I made a few design changes, I know my mother, and created a beautiful set of Lapis Lazuli stone necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  My dad loved the design and so did my mom!!  I hope you like it as well!!

Interested in a custom design, contact Info@Crystal-Princess.com.

Alan’s 10 Year Anniversary Design

One of my recent custom orders was for a 10 year anniversary gift.  Alan told me, what I thought was super sweet, that the necklace had to have tin or aluminum since that was the standard gift for a 10 year anniversary.  He also told me that green was his wife’s favorite color.  After searching for beads made of aluminum or tin I designed the below earrings and necklace for his wife.  The jewelry is made out of green quartz, onyx, and aluminum beads.

If you are interested in a custom design, please contact me at Info@Crystal-Princess.com.