Mis Primos

Mis primos, Sean and Vanessa tied the knot on April 6, 2013.  It was the most beautiful wedding and we had a lot of fun!  I had the privilege of designing the bridesmaids jewelry.  There were seven gorgeous bridesmaids that I handcrafted earrings, necklace, and a bracelet for.  It was a family affair and it was great to see everyone!

The bridesmaid jewelry is entirely made of Swarovski crystals and pearls from Rainbows of Light.  Featured in the earrings are garnet hearts, gray 8mm round pearls, and 6mm siam top drill crystals.  The bracelet has gray 8mm round pearls, 3mm and 4mm AB siam crystals, and garnet heart.  Encompassed in the necklace is gray 6mm and 8mm round pearls, 6mm round siam crystals, 4mm AB siam crystals, and a siam heart.

Contact me at info@crystal-princess.com to order your unique design or check out the in-stock jewelry on facebook.

Sneak Peak

Crystal Princess is partnering with Moda DeLisa for a shopping party this Saturday. When we decided to host a party I got so excited that I stayed up all night and made 77 NEW PIECES!! Casey, Moda DeLisa owner came over to help me prepare for the party and after she left I just couldn’t contain myself. I know…..Crazy, but when your motivated and inspired anything can happen!

Crystal Princess is based on the idea that you can have a custom creation…therefore we only make a certain amount of each item. This allows your Crystal Princess piece to be truly special. Here is a sneak peak at the new Crystal Princess jewelry and ornaments that will be featured at the Crystal Princess and Moda DeLisa Shopping Party this Saturday. Crystal Princess will be featuring special discounts at the party:

Spend $50, take 15% off
Spend $100, take 25% off
Spend $150 or more, take 35% off

Get EXCITED, I am!

Stephen and Courtney

On 11.11.11 my friends Stephen and Courtney embarked on their new journey together called Marriage. I am so excited for them and truly blessed to have experienced this special day with them. It was a gorgeous setting in Sedona with the amazing background of the red rock and gloomy sky. It was an amazing ceremony and night! They both looked truly happy.

I had the pleasure of making the bridesmaids earrings and the earrings that Courtney wore at the rehearsal dinner. They turned out great and matched her colors beautifully.

For your custom Crystal Princess wedding jewelry, click here Crystal Princess Website.

Crystal Princess Photo Shoot

On October 1st my loving and supporting family and friends accompanied me to Prescott with my photographer, Amy from Amy Leah Photography to take pictures for the blog, website, and store.  It was so much fun and Amy took amazing pictures!  Check out a few of them.

I would like to thank Danielle, Lydia, Amy, Jessica, Karen, Kim, Kim, Briana, and Joanna for all their help, support, and being models!  I had a great time with you gals and appreciate everything!!


First Sparkling Steps

Here we go embarking upon imprinting Crystal Princess’ sparkling steps into the world….

Let’s see….I decided to turn my passion into a jewelry business recently and thus began Crystal Princess.  I enlisted my dad, the computer genius to help me develop the website.  I thought I was going to get off easy route by having my dad do it all for me.  Nope! Instead he actually made me do the work myself.  He told me, “I’m not maintaining this!  I will help you decide what packages you need, but that’s it!”.  I was astonished!  lol

While my dad was researching the packages, I started a Facebook page to begin building my online presence.  So I once again enlisted help, this time from my dear friends Steve and Courtney.  They began to help me take pictures of my jewelry…200 plus pieces!!  Steve was the photographer, Courtney was the model at one point but in the end we both began to help Steve with the lighting and transitioning of pieces and dolls.  We were up all night just taking product shoots of earrings.  We weren’t able to take all of them but we did a good job pushing through.  I really appreciate their help!  Love you guys!

Check out the Crystal Princess Facebook Page and check out my favorite picture!

Once my dad finished his research he passed the baton back over to me.  I am now in the process of picking themes, inputting content, etc.  I decided to start with the blog!  Here is it.  Please let me know if you have any comments or ideas on how I can improve!  Next step is setting up the home page of the website and lastly the store!